I'm waiting for her under that tree

this tree would grow big
and bear fruits

crows would come
ants, centipedes and all

then the wind, rain
and sunshine would come

savour the taste,
in one way or another

the tree would grow again

when the branches
grow beyond their reach
children would leave the tree

then comes the contractor,
and the chopper and carpenter
arrive in their turn

when the chisel touches
the same branch, where
the crow used to sit,
there arises a sound, cawing

hearing the sound
the remaining children
would fly away sturned

when the nail pierces
its windblown shoulder
there 'll be an eerie silence

desolate like the midday
of friday without anyone
going to the church

gradually it becomes the door
and enters inside
and sits as a chair,
then lay down-
as a cot, tired

I am waiting for her
under that tree

(translated by Rajendran Cherupolika)


I did not run
to buy a cigarette
I went in search of a word
which was more meaningful than life.

In a hurry
my leg was injured ,
a finger got cut,
and I got a word

Translation : Dr. Santosh Alex