Didn't even keep on the groud

The forgotten Umbrella
grew anxious.

Did he get wet?
Wept, not seeing me?
Got beaten by mother?

BEnches and Desks
Still whispers.

"Thara" "Para" " Pana"
The Blackboard is till in daylight.

Darkness descended

Umbrella felt like crying

Rain Rain
Umbrella Umbrella
The rain outside went on uttering.

"My darling umbrella"
His voice raining
over the rain
Only the umbrella could capture.

Wept and wept
the umbrella slept.
The cabin of headmaster appeared in a dream

Question parers, cane rods, Maps, Globe
Choke dust
Bulky lady teachers
Farts and flops.

Startled, Got up once
No, not yet the day.

What is seen was just his name
sew in the dark.

Oh! how could he forget!

Then came other umbrellas
They sat here and there.

Didn't he get wet the passed day?
Didn't you reach home?
How's it to be said
That he forgot me!!

Oh listen, that's him.
The umbrella shut all eyes hard
Wait till he comes closer
Wait till he wrap me with hundred kisses.

The bell rang,he didnt arrive.

When the eyes are wide opened
it was seen
His new darling umbrella.

Didn't even keep on the groud.

Translation:: sreejitha p v

City of death, City of life

In the life beyond this,
We met in a forsaken corner
Of a street in Kabul;
Kabul, the capital of Afghan.
Behind us, a t-shirt passed by;
On it was written thus:
"Two warring clans
In the fore-life
Are born lovers in the next".

It dawned upon me then,
That your piercing stare was
The left-over of the
Six shots of Cindery vengeance
And hatred you emptied
On me, the life before.

And you kept blaming
That my words seep the
Eerie delight of mincing
A body, dead long back.

Still then,
You offered me pop-corns
Sold on the sidewalk,
You wanted to know
Why I sighed,

I don't know why.

You wanted to know
How we parted...or,
Was it "why we parted"?

I don't know.

First, It was when the candle flamed
Too high when lit;
Once, it was over a phone bell
That broke a deep kiss;
And then,
Over a stain on my shirt
That you dreamed up,

And then …

For questioning;
At times, for not questioning;
For calling;
Sometimes, for not calling;
For eating, and for not eating;

Over a sigh,
Over a laughter,
O'er a whine,
O'er a prayer for the kin
O'er a letter sent,
And the ones never sent.
And even, for
Shitting without permission!
We both may have died
About the same time,
I am sure.
If not,
My worries weren't about
Who would look after you;
They were all about
'Who all will be after you'

We did kill each other.
Or may be it was
A divine intervention;
Yes, He who reduces to rubble,
Even the sturdiest of erections…
Queer ain't He ?

And now, we are here -
The ones who slaughtered
One another in love –
Here in the city of Kabul
Kabul , the capital of Afghan.

I took my next puff
When you marveled
The city's splendour.

There goes another t-shirt;
It bore, "I ain't yet been born"

And then
It came to me:
Those Two lines you mumbled
At 5.41on a Thursday evening,
Four days before Christmas,
In the life bygone…

At that fond remembrance, I grinned
Without a word.
And you gave me a kiss!
Translation: Suraj Rajan