Dont know me

He don’t know me
I don’t know him too

Between us there is a lake.
And it is full of fishes.
Those fishes are neither his nor mine.
Those fishes are not ours
That’s what, the relation between us is.

In that lake, sky was lying fallen.
I can see the fishes submerging among
the valleys of clouds in that sky
It was fishes who flickering those clouds a little.
Are there any fishes not scared of birds?
For that you have to look into the lake.

My thoughts are now about, whether he see all these.
and whether he know my thoughts too.
I could never imagine what he has seen in the lake,
or did he get time to do that too.

Oh... let him think whatever he likes.
There is a cigarette in his hand; mine too.

Another relation between us is that we both have cigarettes.
My thought was that, smokes from my cigarettes and clouds are friendly.
That’s why I am sad about the dead clouds in the lake.

His wasn’t thinking that way, his face clearly shows that.
It looks like he is not worried about anything.
It may be bored, that’s why he is smoking.

He is darker than me.
That too a relation is.
But he doesn’t know that
I am fair and pretending dark

May be, he was too a fair one;
and got darkened when his mother forgotten him.
Might not be, he is dark only.

Lake of fallen clouds..
Smoke circles who are roaming around, friendly with cloud’s.
Me, the non-darkened

trans : Able Kuriakose,


omnipresent said...

Stupid translations!

Kuzhoor, Please dont subject your poetry to such cruelty in future. If you want a decent translation let it come spontaneously from someone creative.

Please dont try to squeeze out poetry from translators by sending out translation requests.

I wonder what made you ask them to translate your poetry. The beauty of your poetry is its spontaneity. Dont let these lesser beings distroy it mercilessly.

Maggie said...

Interesting to know.